What is your Mind –Set on? regarding to Finances? In this Live Workshop ypu would learn that Money Mindset as the Key to your Financial Success. It is your Mindset what determines your thinking and your thinking determines the actions that you take. The actions you take unlock your true Abundance in your Life! In our 2 Days Workshop, we will cover: DAY 1 - MONEY MINDSET ( Identify your core Money Believes and create new supporting ones) DAY 2 - FINANCIAL GOALS (Learn the best ways to create a financial plan and actions you need to take to create wealth) DAY 3 - BONUS DAY (FINANCIAL FREEDOM NUMBER EXERCISE + Q&A) DATES: June 23, 24 AND 25, 2021 TIME: 07:00 PM CT - 08:30 PM CT SAVE YOUR SPOT! *Zoom Link would be sent prior the Session