Mallibi Monasterio
Founder & C.E.O

3MC Ignite Growth mission is to help people and businesses grow, while doing what their love the most. 3MC Ignite Growth helps people who want to find or change their path by promoting the 'Be the CEO of your life' approach.

Mallibi Monasterio is the Founder of 3MC Ignite Growth and the "CEO of my Life" Movement. After devoting many years of her life to building other people's dreams, and neglecting her own passions, Mallibi was finally able to start her own business, become an Entrepreneur and pursue her passions.

In 2016, Mallibi Co-Founded the WHS (World Happiness Summit) and, in 2019 became one of the Founding Members of the SOWE (The Society of Women Entrepreneurs)

After her own professional and personal life transformation, Mallibi focusses in helping her clients to develop their mindsets and to become the CEO of their lives. 

The 3MC Ignite Growth three pillars Services: 

  • Business Consulting
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Individual Life Transformation "CEO of My Life"